Paul Gerimon, singer deep-bass, born in Dinant (Belgium) : Opera, Baroque, Oratorio, Standards, Original Songs, Musicals, Contemporary. He sings Plutone, Caronte, Osmin, Don Bartolo, Il Commendatore, Sarastro, Don Basilio, Sparafucile, Colline,...; in Nabucco, Tannhaüser, La Damnation de Faust, La Khovantchina, Carmen, Le Cid, Tosca, Madame Butterfly, La Vida Breve, Die Frau ohne Schatten, Renard, Mahagonny, Ledi Makbet, Albert Herring, Show Boat, The Phantom of the Opera... He works with E.Ionesco, F.Arrabal, M.Butor, N.Rota, H.Pousseur, J.Harvey, Stein Winge, Mireille Larroche, Trisha Brown, Kr.Zanussi, R.Jacobs, W.Christie, Ch.Rousset, G.-F.Rivoli, Th.Guschlbauer, P.Daniel, K.Ono, A.Pappano...

Guest in Roma, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Montréal, Buenos-Aires, New-York...at the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie of Brussels, Festival d'Aix-en-Provence, Théâtre des Champs Elysées, Opéra du Rhin, Philarmonie de Strasbourg, Koninklijk Theater Carré, Nationale Reisopera, Nürnberg Opera House, Coliseu of Lisboa, Teatro Massimo of Palermo, Royal Opera House, Royal Shakespeare Company, Palazzo Pitti in Firenze, Berliner Philarmoniker, Brooklyn Academy of Music,...

He sings for the tricentenary of  the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie of Brussels in front of the King Albert II and the Queen Paola and for the fourth centenary of the opera with the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (Peri's L'Euridice, Plutone).
Paul Gerimon is a singing teacher recognized by the Departement of Higher Artistic Education in the Communauté française of Belgium. He obtained several Awards and he is administrator of the «Union des Artistes du Spectacle».

Discography: Probst-Ionesco's Maximilien Kolbe (Orphée d'Or de L'Académie Internationale du Disque Lyrique), Scelsi's Wo Ma, Peri's Euridice (Plutone), Monteverdi's L'Orfeo with René Jacobs (Caronte, Harmonia Mundi), Du Mont with Christophe Rousset (Emi-Virgin), Chris Christoffels's Missa Brevis, Nicholas Lens's Amor Aeternus (Flammarius/Aquarius, BMG Classics),..
Filmography: L'Etoile, La Vida Breve, Maximilien Kolbe, Oedipe sur la Route, Peri's Euridice (Plutone, world-wide broadcast, live from Palazzo Pitti, Firenze, 2000), 2DVD's Harmonia Mundi (Monteverdi's L'Orfeo, Trisha Brown-René Jacobs,  Live, La Monnaie-RTBF-Brooklyn Academy of Music: “Best Lyrical Performance of the Year”, “Choc du Monde de la Musique 2006”, “Prix Caecila 2006”),...


LE SOIR : «Paul Gerimon has shown his expressive strength and dramatic power throughout an interpretation in witch the vocal maturity has been expressed with an impressive presence.» Michel Debrocq, January 1993, Brussels.
LYRICA : «Paul Gerimon has a superb bass voice, with an impressive low range.» Harry Halbreich, November 1977, Paris.
LE FIGARO : «Aix-en-Provence...and Paul Gerimon, a deep bass with an impressive low D.» Pierre-Petit, July 1992, Paris.
OPERA INTERNATIONAL : «Paul Gerimon has a voice with a nice volume.» Romain Felst, November1998, Paris.
REPERTOIRE : «One could admire the massive and velvety Plutone of Paul Gerimon, impressing with a vocal fullness.» Laurent Campellone, December 1998, Paris.
GRAMOPHONE CLASSICAL CD Guide, 12th edition, BBC :
«Charon's strangely angular lines, with their air of menace appropriate to one who spends time in contact with the Underworld, are expertly managed by Paul Gerimon, who shows himself to be a true Monteverdi bass.» I.Fenlon, 1999-2000, London.
BMG CLASSICS : «In N.Lens's Amor Aeternus, Aquarius (Paul Gerimon) has a voice, strong as a Siberian wind, impressive as a Mongolian gong, vibrating like a massive bass bell in the temple of Borobudur.» March 2005, London.
OPERA MAGAZINE : «Monteverdi's L'Orfeo (Trisha Brown-René Jacobs, 2DVD's Harmonia Mundi) : one will enjoy Paul Gerimon's infernal bass. This show is really a climax in the history of the modern lyrical performance.» December 2006, Paris.
BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE : «A tremendous vocal cast: especially the lithe and mercurial Orfeo (Simon Keenlyside), the searingly affecting Messenger (Graciela Oddone) and sonorous Paul Gerimon as Caronte.» January 2007, London.